Saturday, October 18, 2008

Joe The Plumber Public Enemy #1

Unless you've been under a rock or in outer space for the last week, by now you've heard of Joe the plumber. To recap, Joe Wurzelbacher an Ohio man who works in the plumbing business asked Sen. Obama a simple question about his tax plan. To paraphrase, If elected President, how will your tax policy affect me if I buy a plumbing business and make over $250,000.00? The good Senator answered "I'll spread the wealth around". Obama told Joe, he wanted to give him the money five years ago so he could buy the business, and if he made that kind of money, it was his job as president to be sure that those less fortunate had a share in that money. Given Sen. Obama's answer, Sen. McCain brought Joe up countless times, both at the debate and on the campaign trail.

Poor Joe, ever since the question was asked, he has been getting hammered by the liberal press and blogs. He isn't a licensed plumber, he's divorced, he's a republican, etc.. you get the idea?. It seems to me that the main discussion that we should be having is the answer given by Sen. Obama,"I'll spread the wealth around" rather than it be about Joe. Sen. Obama came into his neighborhood, and Joe who is trying to be an informed voter, (as we all should be) and understand the Senator's tax plan, went outside to ask him about it. Joe didn't drive 100 miles out of his way, wasn't a secret spy sent by those dastardly Republicans to ambush him, he is just a regular citizen asking a question of this leader. So why is this man being so vilified by the liberal press? Simple. An old political ploy when you cannot win the argument on intellectual or factual grounds, you destroy the messenger. Since the liberal media long ago anointed Sen. Obama as the next president they can't take any chances that he will lose, they must change the topic of conversation from what it should be about, and focus it on the person who shed the true light on their chosen one.

I believe we should be focused on the response of Sen. Obama given to an ordinary citizen who asked a question on a policy touted for the last 18 months by a "would be" president. That answer, "I'll spread the wealth around," finally gives us a true look into his ideology one of Socialism more so than one based on Democratic principles.

When I was young, the Democratic party was the party of the working man, (just like Republicans of today), taxes were a necessary evil to give the government the money needed to perform it's function. If tax cuts were so bad for the rich why then did President Kennedy provide them? Somehow the party of FDR, Truman, and Kennedy, men who believed that hard work should be rewarded, not punished, fought for the American way of life, (Capitalism). Socialism had to be defeated. The party has morphed into Johnson, Carter, Clinton, and now possibly, Obama. Men who believe that it is the government's job to be sure all people are equal economically, given free health care, free education, and if you should be fortunate to achieve the American dream, take what you worked hard for and, "I'll spread the wealth around". This is Socialism my friends, plain and simple, Socialism. That was Sen. Obama's answer to Joe the plumber, Socialism. That's the way I see it.


RomanCatholic Deacon said...

Even worse it sounds like Marxism Is America ready for this? If Obama wins there may be a backlash worst than the "Boston Tea Party!"
God help us!

linda said...

i was a child during the time of russian communism in those day the country told its people what was good for them, what to read,listen to and who to vote for because they know what was good for its people. if communism and socizlism are such great ways of life why is it most countries are going over to capitialism and why are people from these sociallist countries leaving to come to this country? because in this country if you work hard and save money you can get the american dream of giving your self and your family a good life style. obama would have us give all to the poor. well if thats the case why work? we'll just all quit our jobs and let the state take care of us because we will be punished for getting ahead so lets not.linda

Walt Trachim said...

I have a good friend whose family came here in 1977 from Moscow - we graduated from high school together. One of the things his father had told me was that in the Soviet days it was a case of "we pretend to work and they pretend to pay us."

Linda made a really good point, and I think what my friend's dad said is a great illustration of that point. I'd be afraid that this could definitely happen in my lifetime, especially if Obama is indeed elected.

But I have to be fair: I have trouble with both candidates, so either way I think we're in for a world of hurt.