Monday, October 27, 2008

Decision Time Approaches.

In one week we will end over 18 months of presidential politics. Now is the time to decide what direction this country will take for the next four years. Some have said the decision we make on November 4, is the most important election in our lifetime. Seems I heard this in 2004 as well. Every election of a president is very important, we are picking "the leader of the free world" when we vote. Many of the issues that we face as a nation are not easily solved and cannot be reduced to a thirty second sound byte, or a campaign slogan "Change You Can Believe In."

For over 8 years our federal government has been stagnant at best. For the most part, neither party has been willing to put aside their petty differences to do the actual work of the people. They filibustered appointments, legislation, or just let bills die in committee. Few legislators were willing to reach across the aisle to help solve problems. Some preferred to just ignore them because they didn't want to anger their constituents and contributors. Electing the same old people back to congress is not necessarily the way to go. Look closely at their voting record, what have they actually accomplished while they were there? A good source for voting records is here. If your legislators are not voting the way you feel they should, why should you vote to return them to Washington?

The main choices we have for President are Barack Obama or John McCain. Each man has his good and bad points depending on where you come down on the issues. For information on Barack Obama click here. For information on John McCain click here.

No Obama Nation. If Sen. Obama is elected we have the following to look forward to. Increased government control of your health care. A universal health care plan as proposed by Sen. Obama will lead to even more increased deficits, and fewer medical professionals. What will be the incentive to get into the medical field, if after spending all that time and money, the government will dictate how much you can make? Increased unemployment, as companies will not be able to pay the required premiums and maintain all employees. We have the best health care in the world. People from countries that have universal health care come here, and pay for procedures that will save their lives, because they can't get an appointment with a doctor in their country. Do we want this here? If your sick, need medical attention, and can't pay for it, you will still get treated.

The Obama tax plan, (or redistribution of wealth plan), as I mentioned in a previous post, is his major promise of a tax cut for 95% of all Americans. That's all well and good but 35% of people pay no taxes at all. The Senator has promised to increase taxes on people making over $250, 000.00 and give it to those making under $35,000.00, socialism at its best, welfare at its worst. What will the incentive be for people to work? If you get money and health care for "free" why work? Increasing taxes on corporations, will lead to more unemployment, higher prices for goods and services, and more companies leaving the country to avoid the tax burden. We currently have the second highest corporate tax rate in the world.

Weak foreign policy. Sen. Obama has made it clear he will negotiate directly with many of our most ardent enemies with no preconditions. When you open negotiations with someone you lend legitimacy to their view. You must be willing to give them something in return in negotiations. You cannot negotiate with terrorists and people who are bent on killing you.

With the Election of Sen. Obama, an increase of democratic seats in the congress, and the duet of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, they will go wild with increased spending and government control of our lives. Where will the balance be that we need?

Character associations, if Sen. Obama were not a senator and running for president, he would not be able to get a security clearance with associates like the terrorist Bill Ayers. If you listen to the senator it is not an issue, he didn't really know him, he was a guy in the neighborhood, he thought he was reformed. Sen. Obama launched his political career in Ayers' living room. I always have a party in a guy's living room that I don't know. Yea right. These are just a few of the reasons I can list for not voting for Sen.Obama.

In my opinion, the choice we must make for president is John McCain. Sen. McCain's tax plan to reduce corporate taxes, reduce the tax on capital gains will do more to stimulate the economy. The trickle down effect, as it has been called since Ronald Reagan first introduced it in the 1980's, does work. It is based on the ideals of America. Anybody who works hard can make it here.

A strong foreign policy.
Sen. McCain's policy is to continue the struggle against Islamic fascism. A commitment to our allies to work together in battling this common enemy. Courage to confront any aggression in the world.

Abortion. Sen. McCain will not allow the expansion of abortion rights. He will if given the opportunity, appoint judges who will take a constitutional view to the Supreme Court. They will not be judges who legislate from the bench.

A balance in government with Sen. McCain in the White House it will limit the ability of the loony left to implement their policies unfettered.

These are some of the reason I have for voting for Sen. John McCain. It is all of our responsibilities to be informed voters. Do your homework make your decision and above all on November 4, exercise your right and vote.


linda said...

if you want a taste of what universal medicine is like just look at the state of mass. athough i do not live there i work there and i have health insurance through my job.all i can say is my doctor now have to work in auburn and webster and if i want to see him i have 2 days to choose from .there are not enough doctors or health care workers and were paying the price for it, oh and by the way the gov. of mass. last month said the state will be 1 billion dollars in debt this year. do you think it dosen't effect you in other states think again, mass. is being assist by medicare with its health care shortage for people who can not afford regular health care.i personaly know several people who are self employed and have opted to pay the fine at the end of the year rather then buy insurance they can't thats real democratic isn't it.linda

Laura said...

Linda should know, she works in that field. People always think that its greener on the other side of the fence. More often than not, it is NOT better. We do have a great system now, yes, there is room for improvement, we still have the best medical health care system in the world. How do we know? People are coming here for treatment. This change is not necessary, and remember there is no going back.

Walt Trachim said...

I agree with you - this election probably *is* the most important election in our lifetime. With that said, I've been in a real quandary about who to vote for.

I agree with you about all of the reasons not to vote for Barack Obama. However, at least to me there is one compelling reason not to vote for John McCain: Sarah Palin. If something were to happen to him, I truly do not believe she is qualified to lead our nation in his place. I also believe that she makes George W. Bush look like a rocket scientist in comparison.

This will also be the first election my son will be able to vote in. He told me that he's effectively going to throw his vote away and vote for Ralph Nader. I've asked him to reconsider doing that, but I can't blame him as he holds the same view I do about this one.

Johnny G. said...

Walt,In defense of Sarah Palin, she will be vice president on day one of the McCain administration not president. She will be able to learn from Sen. McCain and grow into the job if God forbid something happened to Sen. McCain. Gov. Palin has been a mayor and now governor of a state. She has had to balance budgets, oversee municipal, and state employees, make appointments to various boards and committees. Se has adminstrative experience. Sen. Obama has not had any administrative experience. Sen. Obama's claim to fame has been he was a community organizer, a state senator, and now U.s senator for 2 years and been campaigning for president for 18 months so only about 6 months in Washington before running. Sen. Obama if elected will be the president learning on the job. I am sorry but the presidency is not a place for on the job training. In short,Gov. Palin will be learning at the foot of the master.