Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Church Outreach

Fr. Peter has a good discussion going on at his blog about what the Church can do to make things easier for people to go to church. We are not talking about changing the service or the theology of the Church. The changes are more when to hold services. Friday night before people go out to dinner, or mid week for those who have to work weekends. Go on over and leave your thoughts under Everything must change or Everything must change part 2. Click here.

Other things I have heard about the Church reaching out are what Fr. Peter and Fr. Greg have tried which is to go to where the people are, pubs bars etc. to answer basic questions about God rather than just to preach to them.

What are you looking for from the Church? What can It do for You? I am interested in knowing your answers to these questions please leave your thoughts and opinions.


Laura said...

Johnny G: Fr. Peter is on to something. What can church do for us? You are kidding! When your hurting and you need a pastor to talk with he's there. Life today is tough, with so many issues. Also, people are generally very interested in the church, when they want to get married, have a baptism or bury their dead. Some churches do not offer confession as the Orthodox church does,but that also is a healing process people ought to try. Peace, is hard to find these days, but one can still find it there.

linda said...

the catholic churches have done saturday evening services and very successfuly to, for many years now.we live in a changed world many people work at service oriented jobs that require them to work week ends.its not just people who work at wal marts but nurses,doctors,firemen and police just to name a few,why should these people who give their live to the betterment of others be denied the right to attend sunday services just because the bishops don't get it. linda

Laura said...

Linda, you have got a good point there.