Sunday, October 26, 2008

Busy Weekend Comes To An End

It's been a few days since I have posted anything, I've been busy and unlike Laura, I was not staying up till 1:30 in the morning to blog. After work Friday, I picked Laura up and went to St. Mike's for the spaghetti and meatball supper. Good turn out many meals were sold. I Had two good size plates myself. The food was good, or I was hungry, probably a little of both. When supper was done it was time to work as the money counter for the turkey party. We had a great crowd this year and had to limit the number of tickets people bought for the first time, in recent memory, so everyone could get a chance. It can get crazy as the runners selling the tickets all come back at once, and you have to make sure they return the right amount of money, while the crowd wants to have the wheel spun and are yelling spin spin... The biggest culprit in enticing the crowd with this chant was Fr. Peter. The night was a good time for all in attendance and we went home happy. No turkey for us though, first time in a while, Laura didn't win one.

Saturday, we got a late start. Laura was up late doing her post the night before. After breakfast, it was off to the store to do my mother's shopping. Every week I take care of her groceries. She's eighty nine, and many years ago, I had to take away her car keys. Not so much to protect her but to protect others from her driving. She scared the hell out of Laura on one trip into Worcester to see her doctor. She ran a stop sign, was in the middle of two lanes, almost didn't stop for a school bus, and that was the last straw, the end of her driving. Once her shopping was done, and a short visit, it was back home and off to the church to help Laura plant bulbs in the church urns in front of the church, which will bloom in spring. When that was finished, it was back home for lunch and to watch some college football. That night, it was off to the Dudley Fire Dept. for an "all you can eat" steak dinner. We met several of our friends from St. Mike's and we all sat at a long table and enjoyed the food and conversation. We got there a little before it started at 5:00 PM and stayed, talking until after it was done at 7:00 PM. When we got home, it was down to the man cave to watch more college football and the world series. It figures, the baseball game wouldn't start until after 10:00 pm and went till 1:50 AM. At least it didn't go extra innings.

Today we were up early to listen to Fr. Peter's radio show, Shepherd of Souls, on WESO 970 AM, at 8:30. Then it was off to Church and Liturgy. After Church and coffee hour, we got home just in time to watch the Patriots play the Rams. Good game for the Pats, now tied for the division lead, after a well-earned win. Matt Cassell threw a late touchdown to Kevin Faulk for the winning points. Deltha O'neil picked off Bulger to ice the game. After the game, it was off to Wal-Mart and Big Y for a few things. Ever notice when you go shopping for a few things it is never that fast? A couple hundred bucks later, we're home and ready for an evening of Fox News shows and then, we will get ready to go back to what my dad used to call, "the salt mines" (work) in the morning.

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Walt Trachim said...

Always fun to hang out at the firehouse, isn't it? I find myself there sometimes even when I'm not working.

I work (when I'm not grounded because of this stupid injury of mine) for Goffstown Fire - I do a 6:00P-6:00A tour every Tuesday. We staff one ambulance 24/7, and I'm also one of two medics who live in town so I also have a radio & call sign in the event that on any of the other nights when there isn't a medic (we have one 4 nights a week) I can respond if a medic is requested. It happens now and again. Although for now I'm out until March/April, so all I can do is listen to the radio traffic....