Sunday, January 4, 2009

A New Year A New Beginning

Well another year has come and gone. It seems like it was just the beginning of fall a few weeks ago. As you get older the time seems to speed up. Our little grandson Nathan will be Three this coming week, it doesn't seem possible, he's growing to fast.

As a new year begins a lot of people make resolutions to give up things that they know is bad for them or to do things to improve their appearance, smoking, go on a diet, exercise more, etc. If we are so concerned with our physical bodies that we do these things, what about your spiritual body? It is by far more important to work on that part of our body than you think.

How many people do you know resolved this year to attend church regularly? (Regular attendance is considered a couple times a month.) How about to read the Bible? Help support a church, or local food bank? If not these, how about to just be a better person, by being less of a gossip, back stabber, or overall vile person? Not many, would be my guess. Why not? How much time and effort does it really take to thank God for the blessings He has given you in your life, this week, and today? You can spend an hour or more a day preparing a meal, working out, primping yourself to go out on the town, or visiting a friends house. Why then can we not spend an hour one day every other week going to visit God's house and saying thank you. I work six days a week, I only have Sunday to sleep late. The kids have basketball, baseball, or a soccer game scheduled. I was out late with friends. I have to work. These are all reasons people use for not going to church and I am sure you can think of many more. Check the schedule of services at your church, many now offer Saturday afternoon or evening services as well as late morning on Sunday. Some are now even offering Sunday afternoon and evening services to accommodate the people. If they don' t, why not make a suggestion to the pastor that they consider doing so, you are not alone and if there is enough interest, it may make sense for the church to provide alternate times.

As the new year dawns let us resolve to take care of our spiritual body as well as our physical. Let us go to visit God's house as often as possible. He is just waiting to be the most gracious Host. He will welcome you in and provide for you both physically as well as spiritually. Have a blessed and happy 2009.


linda said...

fr.pepter says a prayer can be just saying "help" so why not, to start with,when you wake up every morning and/or go to bed every night just say "thank you" I'm willing to bet you that as time goes on your prayer will slowly get bigger and bigger until you begin to lose track of time.sounds like a good habit to me also maybe its time to visit church once a month,to start,then work your way up to once a week all good habit start out small then grow as we grow.linda

Walt Trachim said...

Well said, John. The fire, so to speak, has been lit.

Happy New Year.

Laura said...

Tomorrow Nathan will be three. He thinks he's all grown up. I'll agree to that when he learns to use the potty all by himself.Grandma