Friday, November 7, 2008

No Mourning In America

Well, my time for mourning the outcome of Tuesday's election is now over. We Republicans must tip our hat to President - Elect Obama, he ran a great campaign. Sen. McCain gave a valiant effort but in the end, America spoke. Had Sen. McCain campaigned the way he delivered his concession speech things may have been different. The speech was very gracious and the beginning of unifying the country. An attempt to get both parties to work together to solve the problems we face.

It's been awhile since we lost this badly. As in the past, we must take a good look at what caused this defeat and learn from it. We must return to our core principles, reduce government spending, lower taxes, balance the budget, route out corruption within our party and the government as a whole.

This is not the time to point fingers at one an other or blame any one candidate for the defeat, as some disgruntled aides seem to be doing to Gov. Sarah Palin. As in sports, you win as a team, you loose as a team. Gov. Palin showed well on the national stage for a novice, and should still be considered a rising and bright star for the future of the Republican party. We must work to find and develop our own at the local and state level now, to groom them to take over as the old guard retires. Without this grass roots development, the Republicans will continue to slip not only nationally, but on all levels. Here in Massachusetts the party is almost extinct. The problem in Massachusetts is a post unto itself.

As President - Elect Obama's administration readies to take control of the government, we should take our lead from Sen. McCain and extend our hand in a helping way to work with them. Government has been stagnant and gridlocked for to long now. As the minority party in the eighties, even with Reagan's resounding victories, many things were accomplished for the good of the country. This can be done again. It all begins today, the new race for 1600 Pennsylvania Ave in 2012.

In closing, I offer this simple prayer verse for President - elect Obama and the new members of congress: For our public servants, for the government and for all who protect us. Grant them O Lord a peaceful rule that we too in their tranquility may lead a calm and quiet life in all virtue and honor.

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linda said...

when i was at work wed.alot of people said they voted for obama because they wanted to be a part of history i also heard some people say that mc cain was 72 and they were afraid he would not live through 4 years of stress.anyways its time the repulican party stops trying to blame palin for hurting her party she was what we needed .we will see how thing pan out 4 years from now.